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Paris Opera Ballet School performance...how to get tickets?

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There are 4 ways of having tickets :

You can buy some tickets on POB's website. Right now, there are a few of them for december 12 th. Unfortunately, POB's site is only in French and there is no way of inserting a direct link to reservations.

You can try to call at 33 1 72 29 35 35 to see if some tickets are still available but it's only in french and there are very few chances that tickets be still available

To queue before performances, because a few tickets are always being sold 15 minutes before the beginning but in order to have one of these you need to be there 3 to 4 hours before the actual beginning and to queue standing for a long time.

When you are in Paris, you may try to go to the tickets offices during the day. You might be lucky and find a ticket.

Don't buy your ticket to people who are sending them in the street, because it's forbidden by laws, you might end with a false ticket and/or pay it more than its real price!

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French is not the problem itself.I can speak Italian,English,French,a little Spanish and a little German:-)....but the problem is that i never buy tickets on the net cause i don't want to give credit card number....Calling could be an idea.I'll try,although i think there won't be many tickets still available.Queueing for hours is not for me.I'd just go mad!Thanks for the information.

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