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rg's Photos-2007

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N. M. Dudinskaya and V. M. Chabukiani in Raymonda; E. Lukom and B. Shavrov (Added 3 January 07)

Jean Babilée (Added 8 Jan 07)

Ruthanna Boris in Serenade Costume from Ballet Russe Production (Added 10 Jan 07)

Boris Yakovlevich Bregvadze, with Alla Shelest in Egyptian Nights and with Emma Vladimirovna Mincheyenok in Legend of Love (Added 12 Jan 07)

Mary Ellen Moylan Sitting in Tutu (Added 24 Jan 07)

Mary Ellen Moylan in White Tutu and in Rome (Added 24 Jan 07)Enrichetta Grimaldi in Little Corsaire (Added 31 Jan 07)

Laurent Novikov as "Ocean" (Added 4 Feb 07)

Souvenir Program Cover of Vecheslova/Chabukiani Tour to San Francisco, 1934 (Added 9 Feb 07)

Kronstam and Honningan still from the Disney-produced movie, Ballerina (Added 18 Feb 07)

Anna Pavlova Film Stills from The Dumb Girl of Portici (1915) (Added 20 Feb 07)

Grouping from Balanchine's Card Party (Added 23 Feb 07)

Sofia Vasilevna Fedorova, Fedorova II in A Life for the Tsar (Added 1 Mar 07)

Mary Ellen Moylan and Igor Youskevitch in Ballet Theatre's Theme and Variations (Added 4 Mar 07)

Russian Children in Le Sacre du Printemps-inspired Clothes (Added 19 Mar 07)

Alla Shelest as Odile (Studio Portraits) (Added 21 Mar 07)

Alla Shelest in Laurencia (Added 22 Mar 07)

Fight Scene from Opera Version of Romeo and Juliet from Latvia (1932) (Added 24 Mar 07)

"Esnell" from Collection Nadar (Added 31 Mar 07)

Tallchief and Magallanes in Orpheus (Added 1 Apr 07)

Vakhtang Chabukiani Portrait (Added 7 Apr 07)

Dances at a Gathering First London Cast Surrounding Jerome Robbins (Added 12 Apr 07)

Historical Programs from Mariinsky's Le Corsaire (Added 6 May 07)

Munich Opera House Program for "Le Corsaire Pas de Deux" (Added 11 May 07)

Alexandra Danilova as the Sleepwalker and Frederic Franklin as the Poet in La Sonnambula (Added 19 May 07)

Nina Vyroubova and Rudolf Nureyev, and English version of Paris Match article on Nureyev's defection (Added 3 Jul 07)

Tatiana Riabouchinska and Partner in "Bluebird" (Added 5 Aug 07) (Please see thread for a disucssion about who her partner might be.)

Etching of "Scene: From the Russian Ballet 'The Lake of Swans (Added 14 Aug 07)

1877 von Rothbart (Added 16 Aug 07)

Program for Gala Performance of George Balanchine's Don Quixote (Added 21 Aug 07)

Margot Fonteyn in Ondine (Added 23 Sep 07)

Alicia Alonso in Waltz Academy (Added 23 Sep 07)

Josef (aka Iosef) Felixovich Kshesinsky (Added 23 Sep 07)

Mathilde Kshesinska and (Papa) Felix Kshesinsky (Added 23 Sep 07)

Liner Notes for the Zuraitis Recording of Giselle (Added 4 Oct 07)

"Who are the Fairies?" (in Sleeping Beauty) (Added 8 Oct 07)

Nadia Nerina (l) and Margot Fonteyn ® in Cinderella Publicity Photo, signed by Nerina (and Photo Caption) (Added 20 Oct 07)

Jerome Robbins and Janet Reed in Fancy Free (Added 17 Nov 07

Grouping from Agnes deMille's Rodeo, with Jenny Workman and Annabelle Lyon and Two Unidentified Dancers (Added 17 Nov 07)

Alicia Alonso and Igor Youskevich in Theme and Variations (Added 17 Nov 07)

John Kriza and Ruth Ann Koesun in Michael Kidd's On Stage (Added 17 Nov 07)

Original Cast Members Gelsey Kirkland and Jonas Kage in Antony Tudor's The Leaves Are Fading (Added 17 Nov 07)

Martine van Hamel in Harold Lander's Etudes (Added 17 Nov 07)

Agnes deMille and Frederic Franklin in a Ballet Russe Photo of deMille's Rodeo[/b] (Added 17 Nov 07)

Starr Danias in Gerald Arpino's Trinity (Added 17 Nov 07)

Laura Dean's Night with Luis Perez, Valmai Roberts, Tom Mossbrucker, and Lynne Chervony (Added 17 Nov 07)

Tina LeBlanc and Ethan Stierle in La Vivandiere Pas de Six (Added 17 Nov 07)

June Brae, Anthony Burke and Donald Britton in A. Howard's La Fete Etrange (Added 17 Nov 07)

Louisville Ballet in La Fete Etrange (Added 17 Nov 07)

Mikhail Baryshnikov in Jacobson's Vestris (Added 17 Nov 07)

Ninel Kurgapkina and Boris Bregvadze in Jacobson's Strauss Waltz (Added 17 Nov 07)

Susan Strain and Danny Catanach in Todd Bolender's Souvenirs (Added 17 Nov 07)

Schollar and Vilzak in Carnaval (Added 23 Nov 07)

The Diaghilev Group at the Airport -- Photo by Alice Nikitina (Added 25 Nov 07)

Nikitina's Inscription on the Photo, Listing the People in It (Added 25 Nov 07)

Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II, Odette and Corps (Added 30 Nov 07)

Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II, Corps (Added 1 Dec 07)

Souvenir Program Photo of Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II (Added 1 Dec 07)

Patricia Wilde Studio Portrait in Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II (Added 4 Dec 07)

Studio Photo of Diana Adams in David Lichine's Helen of Troy (Added 4 Dec 07)

Diana Adams and Corps in David Lichine's Helen of Troy (Added 4 Dec 07)

Andre Eglevsky and Partner with Corps in David Lichine's Helen of Troy (Added 4 Dec 07)

Swan Lake "Fantasie" by Balanchine for the Movie "I Was an Adventuress" (Publicity Shot) (Added 7 Dec 07)

Photo Used for Swan Lake Motiv Behind Opening Credits of "I Was an Adventuress" (Added 7 Dec 07)

Melissa Hayden and Peter Martins in George Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II, with Corps (Added 8 Dec 07)

Studio Shot of Maria Tallchief in George Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II (Added 8 Dec 07)

Galina Kirillova and Vsevold Ukhov as Raymonda and Jean de Brienne (Added 8 Dec 07)

Postcard if Ter-Arutunian's Set for Balanchine's Swan Lake Act II (Added 9 Dec 07)

Timofei Stukolkin, the First Drosselmeyer in The Nutcracker (Added 11 Dec 07)

Balanchine as Drosselmeyer, Publicity Shot (Added 11 Dec 07)

Two Photos of the Corps in "Grand Pas Classique" from Paquita (Added 14 Dec 07)

Members of Paris Opera Ballet Returning Home from New York City after A 1948 North American Tour (Added 22 Dec 07)

Victor Aleksandrovich Semenov, Elena Mikhailovna Lukom, and Vladimir Ivanovich Ponomarev in Les Caprices du Papillon (Added 28 Dec 07)

In "Popular People's Dances," Yekaterina Geltzer dances a piece by Aleksandr Gorskii, to Honor Belgium (Added 31 Dec 07)

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