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Admittedly this may not be quite as exciting as the forthcoming Kirov Raymonda DVD, but Kultur is planning four fSU releases in late January.

La Bayadère (Kirov; Komleva, Terekhova, Abdyev)



Swan Lake (Bolshoi; Bessmertnova, Bogatyrev, Akimov)



Macbeth (Bolshoi; A. Fadeyechev, Timofeyeva)



Medea (Tbilisi; Goderdzishvili, Julukhadze)



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One drawback with Kultur releases, they seem to take pride in never never including a decent synopsis with their discs.

It might not be of great inconvenience with La Bayadere, but with rare stuff like Medea and Macbeth (which I pre-ordered), well I didn't find anything on the net.

And I don't look forward to watching a 90 mn Macbeth without knowing who's who.

For Mayerling I found a synopsis on the Royal Ballet website, but here oh :smilie_mondieu: as we say in my country !

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