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Siblings in the same company


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How about Gina Ness and Anton Ness (my younger brother) who danced with SFB from the late 60s through the early to mid 80s? :wink: I loved dancing with my brother, Tony! We danced Snow Pas in Lew's "Nutcracker", Second Theme in Balanchine's "Four Temperaments", and fourth movement principals in Balanchine's "Symphony in C" to name a few roles we performed together during the 70s.

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There is an article in this month's DANCE Magazine about Kaitlyn and Raina Gilliland. They are daughters of Lise Houlton, who is the director of MN Dance Theatre. MDT was founded by Lise's mother, Loyce Houlton. So, this a third generation ballet family. Kaitlyn is 20 and is in the corps of NYCB, and Raina is 17 and a student at SAB. More siblings in dance....actually "a family affair".

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I don't think it has been mentioned that the Royal Ballet principal dancer Zenaida Yanowsky is one of three dancing siblings; her sister Nadia Yanowsky is with the Staatsoper Ballett Berlin and her brother Yuri Yanowsky is a Principal with the Boston Ballet. Their father was a scientist who had wanted to be a dancer, according to an interview a while ago with Yanowsky at the Ballet Association.

Long ago Asaf and Sulamith Messerer were the Bolshoi Ballet's star couple. Natalia Bessmertova has a sister, or had, dancing in the Bolshoi. There are also Andris and Ilze Liepa whose father was Maris. Dance in the family seems to be relatively common in the USSR, perhaps for economic reasons, but I guess they also proved they had enough talent to become real stars as well in very competitive times. I know nothing about the Kirov - are there siblings there? In Cuba I think that the leading artists José Manuel, Joel and Alihaydé Carreno are closely related, brothers and half-sister possibly, and that Lazarro Carreno, one of Alicia Alonso's main partners (a very elegant man - I saw a photo in which his physique and face were very like Anthony Dowell's), is their uncle. And I think that Yatsen Chang who is English National's virtuoso is brother to the splendid Lienz Chang who I remember fondly from a performance of Romeo and Juliet with ENB a while ago.

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