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Carlos Acosta


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Reading Ruth Sunderland's article on Carlos Acosta posted by Dirac in "Links", i came across the following phrase towards the end:

"Cuba's loss is our gain: we are lucky to have him living and working here"

Cuba didn't loose Carlos Acosta. He is and always been very proud to belong 100 % to that island and he always make sure that that is recognized everywhere. He's just, as many of us, another cuban who had to leave our homeland to try to have a decent life, and i find very disrespectful to describe a "gaining" situation out of these sad circumstances.

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Promoting a new talk show, Parkinson: Masterclass, which starts on Sky Arts next month:

“This new show is interesting and unusual, in that the guests are all at the top of their profession and are explaining why and how they achieved their level of expertise,” he says. The line-up is certainly impressive: international concert pianist Lang Lang, war photographer Don McCullin, jazz artist Jamie Cullum, ballet dancer Carlos Acosta, author Michael Morpurgo and portraitist Jonathan Yeo.

Sir Michael Parkinson: why am I still doing this at 77...?
by Judith Woods, The Telegraph, 23 October 2012


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