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Igor Moiseyev

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The Moiseyev came to the US as part of the Cultural Exchange program and it was an important big step to see them during the height of the Cold War. The first time that I saw them, a number of Soviet dignitaries, such as Anastas Mikoyan, were in the audience. Being a kid, I went over to shake their hands and to welcome them [the things kids think of doing...as if they needed my welcome]. It was a long time ago so the security was quite limited, and I was able to go to them and say my few words. They responded quite warmly to me.

I saw the Moiseyev Company several times and always enjoyed their performances. It was much more than traditional dances. I remember one piece called "Partisans" where they seemed to glide onto the stage. A few years ago, the Moiseyev toured the US and came to the city where I live. I took my husband and kids, and we all enjoyed the company. Mr. Moiseyev was actually there. Although he was frail, I had no idea that he would have been well into his 90s at the time.

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Like Renata, I remember the early US tours, both for the excitement of the performances and the sense that they were part of a mutual artistic effort (US artists and Soviet artists) to provide a hopeful break in the Cold War. They were a human face to historical processes that often appeared to seem quite scarey and impersonal.

The Moiseyev dance company is touring the US this winter. :)

Here's the bio from the company's website. http://www.moiseyev.ru/eng/im.html

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Sad to hear it. I recall seeing a photo of him on his 100th birthday looking very sprightly.

I once saw a video of his company advertised, i think on the kultura website, which I can no longer track(and I cannot remeber any details about it either). I'm desperate to get it. Does anyone know about this (or other) videos of his company and where one can get them?

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Yes, there are a zillion obits out in the last two days--just through Google I found pages. I, too, saw the Moiseyev company when they toured USA many years ago. My mother's family is Polish/Russian?/? (we change every time the border does) so it was a treat to see them and see original national dances from the "old country". I am very sorry at his passing; he really did much for cross-cultural appreciation, versus the insensitive hardline 'Cold War(rior)' politicians. Glad the company survives and is touring still.

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Oh yes, Renata.'

ll never forget "Partisans." I'll never forget the effect it made when the curtain first went up on the company, standing at the barre in their boots -- the audience wnet wild just to see them standing there, so READY! I've rarely felt so much excitement. it was a wonderful evening in hte theater.

I think every ethnic dance company owes a huge debt to Moiseyev. The Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, which is a wonderful company, applies his principles to the staging of folk material -- and I think the major companies from Africa do too -- as did the various companies we've seen here in Berkeley from Uzbekistan, etc -- wonderful companies -- including groups like the fabulous Hungarian National dance cos, who were "behind hte iron curtain' when we saw them.

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