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Le Spectre de la rose...?

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Thanks, dancerboy. It's so interesting and refreshing to read about ballets being discussed from the point of view of the performer, as you have done here.

Working out problems of interpretation, costume, and audience differences make the dancer's achievements seem even more miraculous to me.

I hope that you'll continue to bring these matters to Ballet Talk. All best wishes ...

Thanks to everyone!I could't imagine this post would have been so interesting for you.Thought it was just the writing of a paranoic dancer before a performance;-).Now I have some new projects to work on....I'll ask you some advices in another post maybe:-).Thanks again.

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yes, thank you for bringing me back into the wonder of performance, as I've have become a little detached from ballet nowadays. your reply made me feel a sense of awe and warmth rather than the usual melancholy and jealousy; it brought me back to remembering how I used to feel when i danced.

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While sunbathing at the beach today i heard Carl Maria von Weber's "Invitation to the Dance" on the radio and it made me think of your performance. Congratulations, dancerboy, and don't get discouraged at all for the "little applause" thing...everybody has had their "little applause" nights, even our sacred balled idols...Here, this is the BT audience applauding you for your "Spectre"... :(:clapping::clapping::clapping::clapping:

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Congratulations, dancerboy -- your costume sounds very appealing, and also that making it was a way to help get into the character.

Like carbro, I have to say, it was wonderful of you to invite us into your process, and I'd bet there was a whole claque of us here at BA pulling for you. I hope you get to do the piece again somewhere. Check around -- there must be benefits of all sorts that would welcome you onto the bill.... Merde!

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