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Ballet Gamonet in Miami

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Ballet Gamonet opened their season in Miami, including a new work choreographed by Jerry Opendaker, formely a dancer with Ballet Florida. Here's a link to a review in the Miami Herald: http://www.miamiherald.com/entertainment/story/287950.html Thanks, dirac, for that Link.

I noted that Iliana Lopez, who retired a few years ago from Miami City Ballet (and then was briefly a ballet mistress there) is now dancing with the company.

Did anyone get a chance to attend this program? What did you think?

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Cristian, maybe it will alleviate the pain if you treat this as a real performance -- an example of the latest European trend in "concept" choreography: empty stage, no dancers, "minimal" music (i.e., none), and a locked and shuttered theater. :innocent:

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Did anyone get a chance to attend this program?

I went to the theatre...the day after the performance!!.. so there i was standing by myself wondering why was the place closed and empty, 'till i double checked the ticket's date . This is embarassing... :clapping:

Hey, don't feel too bad. :innocent: My wife and I once missed a San Francisco Ballet performance that included Symphony in C for the same reason. Fortunately we read about it the next day instead of driving two hours to the theater before finding out. But to make it worse, we'd been returning from vacation the evening before and had passed near the venue right about the time we would have been wanting to be arrive.

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