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Tattoos and Piercings on Ballet Dancers?

Tattos and Piercings on Ballet Dancers:  

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I thought I'd bring this thread forward again after seeing Crystal Pite's Emergence at Pacific Northwest Ballet. The men in the work all had sizeable temporary tattoos as part of their costumes -- they were on the upper back, and most of them extended across the shoulder joint to the upper arm. They were incredibly effective, especially in one section where the men were seated with their backs to the audience for an elaborate arm sequence.

They were applied with a stencil, and did not come off with soap and water -- apparently they needed some kind of makeup remover wipe, and with almost every man in the company working in the piece, they were all helping each other with the task.

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I don't like it, it looks distracting and very inappropriate. For ballet, the body is a piece of art. Ulyana Lopatkina would't be the same as she danced the dying swan with a tattoo on her shoulder. I don't care if they have it, but they definitely should conceal it.

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