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La Péri (1843). Where has the ballet of Gautier, Coralli & Burgmül

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I turned up curious about La Péri when I read in a book that Carlotta Grisi actually let herself fall from a ramp into the arms of Lucien Petipa. I have been researching quite a while on the ballet. Does anybody know if Coralli left any notes about the choreography? I do have the recording that Boynge included in his CD pack: Fete du ballet. But is it the whole score as it was produced in Paris? Does anybody know/have the piano reduction of this ballet or where to get it? I have seen that the piano reductions of 19th century ballets are very useful because they describe the action under the bars and give a clear vision of the story in relation with the music.

If you could give me a hand I would be so thankful!


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