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Royal Ballet's new Romeo


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I booked tickets for Romeo and Juliet on Tuesday October 16 specifically to see Alina Cojocaru and Johann Kobborg. To my disappointment (and I am sure his) Mr. Kobborg had injured his ankle and was unable to perform. Instead, Stephen McRae had been casted.

He was simply splendid! I am sure he didn't have long to learn the part (I heard 10 days). Technically he was beautiful, which is always good. But he acted very well and gave us that extra special gift from his heart. I will look forward to seeing him dance in the future.

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Thanks, fandango.

It's always thrilling when a young dancer triumphs when taking on such a challenging role the first time. I hope you'll be able to tell us of his progress through the years.

And best wishes to Mr. Kobborg for a quick recovery. We missed him in Morphoses the week before last. :rofl:

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