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The names of the fairies?

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I've never known all the names of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty....I know only the Lilac fairy...can you help me giving all of them their own names?thanks.Sorry if the post already exhists.

Candite, Coulante, Fleur de Farine, Miettes qui Tombent, Canari qui Chante, Violente and our favorite Fee des Lilas

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Candite, Coulante, Fleur de Farine, Miettes qui Tombent, Canari qui Chante, Violente and our favorite Fee des Lilas

Thank you very much.Very good;-) Now I have to match the names and the dancers.Canari is the yellow one with a feather and Violente is maybe the one who points his index around....I'm gonna check:-)

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Pacific Northwest Ballet's program (Ronald Hynd version) lists the fairies as:

Lilac Fairy

Fairy of Beauty

Fairy of Temperament

Fairy of Purity

Fairy of Joy

Fairy of Wit

Fair of Generosity

The Mariinsky Ballet's program (for the Sergeyev version) lists the fairies as:

Lilac Fairy

Tender Fairy

Playful Fairy

Generous Fairy

Brave Fairy

Carefree Fairy

and then:

Diamond Fairy

Sapphire Fairy

Gold Fairy

Silver Fairy

Caraboss Fairy

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the names posted in answer to your question come from the 1890 libretto and ballet plan for marius petipa's staging of THE SLEEPING BEAUTY and thus are the original designations.

since that time, even with productions that attempted to re-stage petipa's choreography faithfully, the names for the individual good fairies (or fairy godmothers) have changed variously to suit the companies putting on the ballet in their individual locales.

the chart given as an attachment here is from DANCE AND DANCERS in 1967 and indicates the variety of names used during the 20th century.

the copy of the chart scanned here is from a press kit prepared for ABT's 1976 production of THE SLEEPING BEAUTY in mary skeaping's staging.

since then, there have been further productions, at ABT and elsewhere, with each tending to provide a list of fairy names that are felt to belong to the current production in question - only the lilac fairy and the fairy carabosse tend to retain their names consistently from production.

[re: this scan, as i have said, for some reason i am unable to generate .txt scans that are not huge files, so i've done this 'text' as a 'normal' .jpg scan and i hope it's readable.]


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rg, thank you so much!

It is fascinating to read that "They are listed in the order of dancing their solos; all these productions play the music in the same order."

Some are easily correlated, like "carefree" and "light heartedness," but others are very different takes on the same music -- Tenderness/Chastity, Courage/Laughter -- and others are interesting extensions: joy to high spirits (to "temperament" in the Hynd), and there's a difference between bounty (getting) and generosity (giving). (Of course the former can make the latter possible.)

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On the credits of an early 90's Royal Ballet production, the names are given as:

Candide - Fairy of Purity

Coulante - Fairy of vitality

The Breadcrumb Fairy - Fairy of Generosity

Canary - Fairy of Eloquence

Violente - Fairy of Passion

The Lilac Fairy - Fairy of wisdom

and of course, Carabosse.

These seem to be pretty much in accordance with the various names from rg's scan, but easier for the audience to understand than the original names?

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rg, "Lilac" seems consistent through all the various productions -- except for Diaghilev's London season, where it's "Mountain Ash." Do you have any information about what that might have meant? Or why the established Lilac name was replaced?

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I think that Diaghilev misread his audience, and feared that "Lilac" was too Russian, or at least French, a reference. The good English Rowan may have been a nice choice, and not as bad a choice as his choice for "Sleeping Princess" over "Sleeping Beauty" as an overall title. There, he actually went over into misogyny, or at least unchivalry.

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Do the faries in act 1 (discussed in this thread) corresponsd at all with the faries in act 3 (gold, sapphire, silver, diamond)?


No the fairies in act 3 are the metal (gold, silver) and jewel (sapphire, and diamond) fairies. These fairies are to bless the marriage of Prince Desire and Aurora (I'm not sure of the indvidual gifts they bestow upon the couple though). I hope I have answered your question :).

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