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Kavanagh and Acocella on Charlie Rose

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i have been informed that Julie Kavanagh and Joan Acocella are taping a Charlie Rose Show segment tomorrow, Thurs. Oct 4.

i am trying to learn when this filming is due to air.

if/when i do i'll post it.

BT members who might know of the scheduled time can also post if there's anything about this printed in any tv schedules at hand.

as nyc viewers know the show regularly runs at 11:00 pm on night and repeat the following day at 1:30 p.m.

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no air date set so far, but the prog. on nureyev w/ charlie rose included a round table w/

kavanagh, acocella, georgina parkinson and robert gottlieb.

if an air date is given it will be posted here unless another BT member sees a listing and posts the info.

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