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2007-8 Fundraiser


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Today is the kick-off of our 2007-8 fundraiser.

Ballet Talk and its sister board, Ballet Talk for Dancers, share a server and licenses. Our annual budget is a little less than $3000, of which a little more than a quarter comes from amazon.com commissions from sales using the search boxes at the top of the sites and the "Ballet Talk Amazon Mini-Store." Our fundraising target is $2100 from both boards. In the past we've found that the proportion of donations from each board is almost exactly in proportion to resources used by each.

Our suggested donation is $15, but we accept all donations through PayPal or check. We aim to get a large number of small donations, which indicates support for our mission and the community we've created here. For members of both Ballet Talk and Ballet Talk for Dancers, one donation will cover both.

For those who already donated during the year using the "Donations" link in My Controls, this does not mean you :wink: We thank you for your contributions.

The link to the PayPal button and the address to which can mail checks is located here:


We ask that if you use PayPal to type your board name in the "BT/BT4D Login Name" box at the bottom of the confirmation screen on the second page. If you are sending a check, please write your board name in the "memo" field of your check, so that we know whom to thank. Because we don't have a commercial checking accoung, which would add hundreds of dollars to our yearly budget, all checks should be payable either to "Helene Kaplan" or "Victoria Leigh." It will take a couple of weeks for us to endorse and deposit them. Please note that Ballet Talk/Ballet Talk for Dancers are not 501-©-(3) organizations, and donations are not tax-deductible.

We will close the fundraiser as soon as we reach our target.

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We're reach a little over 1/3 of our goal so far. For those who have donated by PayPal or have sent checks, we thank you very much. :off topic: For those who haven't we ask you to consider a contribution of any size to keep us running for the next year.

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