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Lourdes Novoa (Ex-Mrs. Carreno), ex principal at NBC


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At the time Jose Manuel Carreno left the National Ballet of Cuba to join ABT, his wife, Lourdes Novoa, was also a principal dancer at the cuban company. Then, after they left, i never heard anything else from her. For those familiar with ABT, did she also joined the company..?, or if not, is she still dancing somewhere else...?

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Cristian - I don't think she joined the company with him. About 10 years ago at some function I met Carreno and was introduced to his wife, but not by name - who knows if it was the same person though she did look like a dancer.

His wife no longer dances.

What a pity. She was the first "Giselle" i ever saw live onstage, shortly after she joined NBC. She seemed to have a promissing career, until suddenly she started fading away into obscurity and then stopped being seen altogether on the Havana stages...

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