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Virtual Ballet on Second Life

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Second Life Ballet

"Legendary US choreographer Bob Fosse talked about redefining the language of our bodies, and most would agree, he did. The founder and Artistic Director of Second Life Ballet, an Avatar named Inarra Saarinen, is on a similar mission, inside popular online world Second Life.

Inarra is a real life (RL) professional dancer and choreographer who has worked across forms and styles for many years. She holds an MFA in dance and has trained with the acclaimed Joffrey Ballet. She has also worked with the Miami City Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, Concert Ballet of California, Long Island Dance Theatre, Momentum Dance Company, Stephen Koplowitz and Dancers, Impulse Theatre and Dance, as well as working in Japan, television and film. By any yardstick, she's had a very successful career as a practitioner. So what next? Time to conquer another universe!

Under Inarra's wing, the groundbreaking Second Life Ballet has gone from strength to strength. The 200 plus group works in a specially designed virtual theatre that holds 80 avatars. Inarra choreographs, directs, write the narrative and creates animations. SL Ballet uses original music - their most recent from resident composer Alazarin Mondrian."

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