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Pat McBride/Patricia McBride

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I was perusing this and saw that both 'Pat McBride' and 'Patricia McBride' are listed here. It surely must be the same, mustn't it? I've heard Patricia McBride called Pat and Patty a lot, so if it is yet another dancer, it would seem to be a constant irritant.

Sorry--I put this in the wrong forum, please move it to NYCB if you like, I don't know how.

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actually when i was trying to sort through these two p.mcbrides, i noted that P.McB2 was variously called patricia and patty -nearly never pat; PMcB1 seemed only to spoken of as pat.

still it remained confusing.

perhaps this little confusion is what led the co. to urge linda merrill to change her name to merrill ashley since the co. already had a linda merrill.

otherwise the company might have gone down the road of the imperial ballet tradition and list: merrill 1 and merrill 2 - as in the cases of pavlova 1 and pavlova 2; kshessinska 1 and kshessinska 2; legat 1 & legat 2.

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pat mcbride (now lady lousada) has written some really yummy cookbooks!

Edited to Clarify:

the cookbooks themselves are probably not yummy but the recipes are very good... :)

Clever you are! and I found all of it... :wink: I once heard that Patricia McBride and Jean-Pierre Bonnefous were superb cooks too, used the Pelleprat or Escoffier a good bit, maybe.

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