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A Capezio Hunt

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Hey everyone!

This is sort of strange, but I thought this board would be my best bet...

I know that there are makers (cobblers? craftsmen?) of pointe shoes with different ID numbers and that dancers sometimes request that their shoes come from this specific individual. Is there any way to find out anything about the person behind the number - if\when they retired, if they've been replaced (number), who they were\are, et cetera?

I'm specifically interested in someone from Capezio (#53) who was making pointe shoes between the mid 1970s and into the late 1980s, possibly early 1990s.

My odds of finding anything are slim to none, aren't they? :blushing:

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I sent this to a friend at Capezio who did some research for you. The response follows:

My guess is that the maker #53 was Philip Lirosi who is still alive but retired. Jose Mendes (recently passed away a few years ago) was #1. I have sent Joe an email to see if this can be confirmed. But it is my best guess as of now.
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