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Bolchoi In Paris

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Well, they're coming to Palais Garnier in January with three programs (Spartacus, the Corsaire, and a triple bill) and I guess it will be sold out. The ticket's sale was supposed to begin today on the Web. I was able to get one ticket for Spartacus after having tried out for one hour and a half (sales have began at 9 AM) , and either the two others programs are already sold out or the sale haven't begun: I can't say because anything is indicated on the Website. And getting tickets at the theater is a nightmare: the last time the Bolchoi came in, people begun to queue around 5 AM, knowing that sale offices opened at 12, so it meaned queuing for about 7 hours...

For those of you who are in London, is it easier to get som tickets there when the Bolchoi is in ?

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When the Bolshoi appeared at the London Coliseum recently they gave double the number of performances they will give in Paris. I also note that the top ticket price in Paris is 80 euros whereas in London it was £85. Thats a difference of £30 (approx $60) at todays exchange rate. So dearer seats and more performances meant a slower box office in London than in Paris.

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Thanks Machinka,

I have been able to get a ticket for The Corsaire this afternoon. Not a best one, because only cheapest seats were still available when I finaly got on the website, but that's better than nothing. It looks as if the triple bill is sold out (it was on the website early in the day) and only tickets costing 20 or 38 euros ($27 to $ 40) are still available for Spartacus and the Corsaire. I hope they will put more tickets on sale later. I think tickets' scarceness is emphazided by POB programming this season. They still have a plenty of tickets for the contemporary works to sell. The only real "ballet will be, beside school's performamces, Paquita and the Nutcracker (at the same time!) in december.

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