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ABT 2008 Met season

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That's what I'm talkin' about!!! Yes, Barbara! And I add to your appeal promotions for Veronika Part, Sascha Radetsky, and Hee Seo. Come on People, we can do it. And while we're trying, we should take a moment to look at the article that came out in today's New York Magazine which previews the new Tharp piece for the spring Met season. The Elfman music was described as THUMPING and WILDLY PERCUSSIVE! I am so ready to see these people dancing again. So ready.

Although she has not been cast in prominent soloist roles lately, i still hope that Zhong-Jing Fang will be a soloist soon :sweatingbullets:

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From what I observed during the two recent ABT seasons at the Kennedy Center (December & January), Stella Abrera is the one who is ready for the principal status among the soloists. Stella can do it all -- classicist, neo-classicist, modern. She absolutely rocked the City Center last year in Tharp's Upper Room. Her Lilac Fairy was the strongest technically in Beauty.

Bingham, Fang seems to have plateau'ed somewhat. I'm not sure it it was the unflattering costumes of the fairies in both Nutcracker & Beauty, but she even seemed to have a different physique than what I remember at the Shanghai IBC or her early days with ABT. I agree that she's extremely talented and capable, though. I hope that she will get it together for the Met season.

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Fang - beautiful! It may just seem that she's plateaued due to casting, and yes, the unflattering costumes have been unfair. She's obviously a unique talent with a dramatic undercurrent that needs organizing and refining. She is perfect material for Gelsey to work with. Fang may be one of those dancers who we just have to be patient with and watch develop slowly but steadily.

With regard to the new Tharp piece, it may be of interest of some to look at the costumer's website. Here is Norma Kamali's site. Some of her designs look pretty sassy.

And I second the comments about Abrera. Her Cinderella last year was a breakout performance, and I suspect that her Giselle with Hallberg this year will be the beginning of an extraordinary journey for the two of them in this ballet. I am so excited.

But back to the all-important campaign - People, we need promotions, don't we? We have set an agenda, and The Time for Change is Now! Results not rhetoric. Don't stop thinkin' about tomorrow. Ooops.

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Haglund's, you are too funny :innocent: I am also so looking forward to seeing ABT again. I guessed incorrectly as to which Giselle Abrera/Hallberg would be performing so you'll see me in the exchange queue as soon as I get my season tix. I think theirs will be a transcendent performance, the roles perfect for their personas.

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