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What should I go see???

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Hello all!

Please move this is I'm posting in the completely wrong forum, I apologize in advance!!

Well, the rigors of college aside, I've discovered a diversion: The Eisenhower Center for the Performing Arts! I chatted with my parents, and they said that i can see up to 3 performances this year (the cost of tickets is getting ridiculous). Now, I have a tough decision: what do I get to see?

My choices are (in any order)

1. Itzhak Perlman and Rohan de Silva in a concert

2. Ballet Folklorio de Mexico

3. Boccatango (with Julio Bocca, I'm assuming)

4. Moiseyev Dance Company

5. St. Petersburg Ballet Theater's Romeo and Juliet


I'd love to see them all, but these are the ones that are not scheduled anywhere near tests or exams. I'm not sure my professor would accept 'I saw Julio Bocca yesterday!" as an excuse (however wonderful it is...)

Thanks so much!


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This is exactly the right place to post this, ngitanjali! In fact, this forum is where you can start any ballet-related topic, and we're very happy to move it for you. No need to apologize.

As for your question, I would answer "Not Evita." You'll be able to see "Evita" some other time.

I would definitely see the Perlman/de Silva concert.

According to these links, Bocca is starring in Boccatango:



It will be a chance to see Bocca dance, but it's not quite authentic tango. It's got some show dancing mixed in. He has a remarkable eye for young talent, if his old small touring group is any indication.

Does anyone know what the standards of the Moiseyev are now? Back in the day, it certainly was an exciting company.

My uncle used to take us to see Ballet Folklorio de Mexico every three years or so. I remember a very colorful presentation, with many different kinds of dancing. I also remember the music being terrific.

Mashinka posted this on a thread, speaking highly of the company's reputation in the UK. This thread mentions the company in a discussion about the leading ballerina in the company, Irina Kolesnikova, who is still dancing with the Company, according to its website.

Here's a promo blurb about the company.

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And seriously, ring up the box office/go visit, and inquire about special student discounts or student standbys. Some theaters don't publish their policy, so it is totally worth checking! I've used those discounts a lot even though I've now been a student... for... well.... let's leave that aside. Part of me is totally weeping the loss of my student status in the next few weeks! Use it while you can!

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Based on a number of performances long ago, Moiseyev and Ballet Folklorico are well worth looking at -- the Moiseyev for the dancing, the Folklorico more for the color and general enthusiasm. Coincidentally, they're both on the program this season at our local performing arts center, too, so I'll get a chance to revisit them for the first time in several decades.

Boccatango is exciting and wonderfully danced (passionately danced, in the case of Bocca himself). I'm not sure whether I would attend without Bocca, though.

There are a lot of quite competent touring Russian companies touring these days, and you can't afford to miss them if you happen to live outside one of the regions servied by the Kirov or Bolshoi. Does anyone know about the reputation of Serge Vikulov, the choreography of this R&J?

St Petersburg Ballet Theater has a website --

http://www.spbt.ru/ --

and tours extensively, but there doesn't seem to be any information on the U.S. tour this season. I hope you'll keep us informed.

Good luck with your choices! :)

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Not dance, but I'd say priority #1 has got to be Itzhak Perlman. This is a chance for one of those rare experiences of a lifetime. And the Penn State student price ($36 or $26) is less than a third of what we (in NYC) would have to pay to see him perform on his own stage (the main stage at Carnegie Hill is named for him), if we were even able to buy a ticket. He is very moving, both as a musician and a human being.

Boccatango is an insane bargain, and quite a show. When I saw it, he was very charismatic, and with the extra emotion of his American farewell tour.... and $15!!!!!

Personally, I'd go for Ronald K. Brown for my third, but that is a matter of a personal taste (some wonderful stuff made for Ailey, and of course his own company), but the large company suggestions made above probably would make more sense.

Have a wonderful time, whatever you select!

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Thanks for the suggestions! I picked up tickets for the Perlman concert and for Boccatango. However, if Boccatango occurs around a home football weekend, I'll probably exchange the tickets, since I don't want to be walking around campus at 11 PM when the students start partying. Penn State is the number 5 party school, unfortunately. However, as an Honors student, my dorm room is pretty close to the auditorium :clapping: The perks of hardwork :clapping:

I haven't bought tickets for next semester's shows, since I just registered for classes yesterday, and I'd like to know when exams are scheduled before I plan out where I'm going.

Thanks again, I'll put reviews up, those have always been my favorite part of Ballettalk.

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