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Vishneva's first 'Soviet' Nikiya?


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Can anyone please tell me when Vishneva first essayed the complete role of Nikiya in the Soviet (not 'new-old') version of La Bayadere? I realise that she danced the 'Shades scene' at her graduation from the Vaganova Academy, which I attended. I next 'met' Vishneva's Nikiya in the 2002 new-old production, at NYC, then in StP at the 03 Mariinsky Fest. By Fall 2005 she was dancing in the Soviet production at the Mariinsky, the new-old version having been retired.

Somehow, I don't recall Vishneva having danced Nikiya in the full Soviet production prior to the new-old reconstruction in 2002. Back in the late 90s/early '00s, Nikiya was danced by either Lopatkina, Assylmuratova, Nioradze or Zakharova. Does anyone recall seeing Vishneva in the Soviet version back then? Thanks, in advance, for your insights.

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Thanks, Cygnet. Your note inspired me to dig further, in DV's own website. That one indicates 2001 as the year of her Nikiya debut in the Soviet version:


So it appears that she did it one season before the 'new-old' version took over (for a while). Now I recall that, during that period, Lopatkina began her long period away from the stage for various resons (motherhood & injuries). Vishneva's debut performance -- with Ruzimatov as Solor and Osmolkina as Gamzatti -- never made the initial casting lists, which is what I save in binders. I think I've found my explanation.

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