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Great Performances: Nureyev: The Russian Years

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Thanks, artist!

It's worth keeping in mind that local PBS affiliates are independent, and these reruns might not happen where you are. Best advice: check your own local PBS station/s.

On Ch. 13 in New York, only one date is listed: tomorrow (Sunday), 12:40 pm.

WLIW (Long Island) is showing it Sunday, Sept. 30, 3:00 pm.

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Wonderful :wink:

My roommate, is obsessed with baseball, and that's all that she watches. Since it's her TV, I couldn't ask her to switch, so I took my graduation money and bought a TV just for the Great Performances shows that I'll be wanting to see on campus :speechless-smiley-003: . Plus, Ballet = art. Baseball = boring. I have wonderful timing, apparently!

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