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Changes and additions at danceviewtimes

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I wanted to let our faithful readers know that there have been some changes at danceviewtimes.

The first is that it's been redesigned. The second is that reviews will be posted as they're written, rather than waiting for a new issue every Sunday. And the third is that we've added blogs -- someone suggested when I started danceviewtimes that we needed a "Sunday Section" for commentary and features and things that didn't fit in a publication dedicated to reviews, and this is an attempt to do that. There will be several individual blogs. Not all of them are active yet, but I hope they will be by the beginning of the season, and I'll post the links here so they'll be easy to find. (They're also on the front page of www.danceviewtimes.com under DVT Columnists.)

The first three have some content now:

Lisa Traiger (dance news, reviews from DC)

George Jackson; travel pieces

Where Were You Sitting? (Alexandra Tomalonis) (currently this is only an archive of reviews from the past three years)

and here are four that will get going in the fall.

Letter from New York (Nancy Dalva)

Paul Parish

Dale Brauner

Eva Kistrup (this will be primarily reports from Copenhagen)

The names and designs of the blogs may change but the links won't. I hope.

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