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New Photo book on Paris Opera Ballet

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I got an advance copy of Gerard Uferas's "In the Company of Stars," a photo book on Paris Opera Ballet. I think many of the photos are lovely (and emphasize ballet more than some of POB's "ballet moderne" repertory). The photos are very artful, but not artsy -- no smeared Wilis shot from across the street through a veil. You can pre-order from Amazon for $31.50 nearly half-price (they list it at $60):

In the Company of Stars (they don't give a release date)

Editing to add: It's published by Flammarion and distributed by Rizzoli. I don't know how many pages, because if there are page numbers, I haven't found them :) It's oversized, but not bulky, and has an indexing feature I've never seen -- instead of listing the photos at the back, there are thumbnails of each photo with a caption.

One of my favorites is of Laetitia Pujol in Belarbi's "Hurlevant" ("Wuthering Heights"). There are photographs of everything from children at the school, to dancers in rehearsal, backstage, and, of course, performance. It's a lovely book, particularly if you're fond of POB :)

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