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Welcome to the "Recent Performances" forum. We hope you'll post your impressions of the live performances you see.

There are two guidelines for performance reviews and comments:

    *Please use a single thread for each week (ex: NYCB Spring Season, Week Two), program (ex: Royal Ballet Sleeping Beauty) event (ex: Fall for Dance), and if a company is performing on tour or a special venue, please tell us where in the title or subtitle (ex: Bolshoi Ballet, Bright Stream (London)).
    *Please use dancers's last (or first and last) names in reviews. I've received a lot of feedback that there's a lot of interest in trying to follow non-local companies, but it's difficult when first names are used. There are also generational associations with names; for me, I immediately associate the name "Ashley" with "Merrill," not "Bouder" (whom I love), and when they're in the same performance of Sleeping Beauty...
    Think of this as an opportunity to learn how to spell Nina Ananiashvili's last name (which took me ages) :off topic:

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