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(from Washington, DC) I think I can empathise with christine174: The MCB and TSFB forums felt quite cozy, and I could quickly check what was going on about my favorite companies. This is not a criticism, but just a thought in passing, because I have great respect for the intelligence (not to mention the industry) of the people who run BT. We're going to seee how it works, anyway, and that appeals to my pragmatism

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Jack, remember that we'll still have separate threads for news and for reviews of Miami City Ballet, Suzanne Farrell Ballet, and every company that someone wants to write (or learn) about.

There's still a lot of opportunity for smaller gatherings of fans within the larger community. :)

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I looked at the News and Reviews, per Bart's post, and I see it's a general news forum. Is there any place for fans of a specific company? I really do miss the ABT forum, which I used to check daily. Now whenever I come to the board I feel a bit homeless and aimless. (it was nice to get a friendly hello from Carbro, though -- I was wondering if you were still out there.)

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Wow! Big changes... guess I'll be reading more often, just to keep up :speechless-smiley-003:

With the loss of individual co. forums, I wonder if the local/regional co's will get lost in the shuffle, or on the other hand they might get more attention. We shall see.

One question is where to post general comments about a specific co. - "I like co. X because Y but wish they would do Z..." that kind of thing doesn't quite seem to fit Heads Up or Recent Perf's either. Any thoughts?

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