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Hello, it's nice to be here! I found the discussion board by accident, or fate I guess :tiphat: Ballet was as I refer to as my "first" love in life. I have been dancing all my life (non-professionally). I also teach the wee ones their first ballet classes. My daughters dance as well, and I enjoy no other interest in life as immensely as going to the ballet, & of course taking class. :clapping:

Most recently, I was priveleged and blessed beyond my wildest imagination to have been in the audience at the New York State Theater on May 1st to see Martin's world premiere of Romeo+Juliet with Sterling Hyltin and Robert Fairchild. I also got to meet Callie Bachman in the lobby and said hello to her and remarked how beautiful and impressive she was in Pointe Magazine. May 1st was my 10 year wedding anniversary and my wonderful husband took me to NYC to celebrate. The night was magical. I had never been there before and I can only say that I would go back in a heartbeat... I LOVED this place!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Tifma; it's wonderful to have you with us. We all share your love of ballet. You'll see that the board is full of information, and we hope you'll enjoy sharing in our discussions. We have a sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which you can access at the upper right hand corner of this page. This site is for dance students and teachers; you might enjoy this site as well.

And let's hear it for Tifma's husband!! :clapping:


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What a lovely story.

You're gonna love this place. The posters here are brilliant and are incredibly knowledgeable about ballet and all the arts. Everyday you learn something at BalletTalk.

Don't wait for your 11th... there's more than enough reason to come to NYC and see ballet. We're waiting for you.

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