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Lucia Lacarra


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Re: The article. I just finished reading it as well, and although I don't like when a review guesses at a performance rather than seeing it, I thought the article was essential bemoaning the loss of the "San Francisco style," as Alexandra point out. It's probably the same thing that people watching the Royal Ballet or a certain segment of ABT's followers cry about. Is it better to have less brillant dancers and have a uniform style or just to amass as many talented dancers and work on making them fit. I've only seen SFB when they've visited New York, so that's not much. And I've gotten an additional view of Lacarra the past three years at the ballet gala held in February, so I don't feel comfortable judging either the company or the dancer. I was, however, impressed with the dancers. I remember thinking during the opening night gala of SFB's last visit to City Center that the company had a very varied and talented roster. I really loved Muriel Maffre and Tina LeBlanc and I never felt that they didn't fit in with the rest of the company, despite not training at the SFB school. Does anybody know what is up with the company school that so many of the principals did not train there?

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