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Greetings from dancerboy;-)


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Hello everybody!

My name's Maximilian and I'm from Milan,Italy,the city of the world famous theatre "Alla Scala".I'm 19

y.o. and I am a ballet dancer.Now I've end the ballet school,after years of effort and frustration,but also many many satisfactions.I can see in front of my eyes me and my ballet school mates after the audition,crying for the stress we had accumulated and happy of being part of this new reality.Then,during the years,trying and trying jumps,turns and all the steps or the choreographies we had to learn and We were judged on.I remember us falling ass on the floor and laughing.....oh we had so much fun.And then,when the school was over,late every afternoon we went out together to go and eat all the candies We could at the closest bar.And then straight to the bus and the subway.And this was even more amazing!We danced on the bus,on the subways,doing pliés and splits on the benches at the station,without taking care of the astonished faces of the people aroud who maybe took us for fools ahahahha.No,It's not a movie!We were a really crazy class of dancers!

Now it's all over.Some of us are already working,some have decided to take different specializations;some have even decided to stop ballet and doing hip hop or something else.Some instead are taking auditions to enter a contemporary school.2 of them are working with me in the company of an ex soloist of Scala and We are on tour with Apollon Musagète,Carmen and so on....

I'm happy that at least these 2 friends are gonna still stay with me for some time and that We're gonna share some more things.

My future hopes are....well,by now to study for a year or two while working for this company,to improve the few things I need about technique and about contemporary dance,the one that I'd like to make professionally in the future.

Why I joined the site?Actually,it's because of my love for English.I love the language and, as I don't have much time to study it in Italy nor to travel a lot abroad,I joined the site to practise It and to write about dancing,which is the first love:-)

Well if You want to know something else about me.....write me!;-)

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Hello everybody! My name's Maximilian and I'm from Milan,Italy,

Ciao Maximiliano!!!...

That was a beautiful report on your life as a student. I really wish you the best in the future. You're very young, and have endless chances. Just enjoy what you do as much as you can, and the rest will come naturally...

I was amazed one time at another Maximiliano, (Guerra, the argentinean dancer). Perhaps i'll get to see you too one day all famous on the stage...? :wink:

Keep up the good working !!!!


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Welcome to Ballet Talk, Maximilian. It's nice to know the board will be serving 2 purposes: letting you read and talk about ballet, and helping you with English! We have another board, Ballet Talk for Dancers, which might also be of interest to you. It's designed for our dance students. You can get there by clicking on the "Ballet Talk for Dancers" sign at the top right hand side of this page. Much luck to you.


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I was amazed one time at another Maximiliano, (Guerra, the argentinean dancer). Perhaps i'll get to see you too one day all famous on the stage...? :wink:

Keep up the good working !!!!


Thank You....I hope You will see me on a famous stage ehehehehhehe :shake:

I've seen Guerra last January.He danced Diana and Acteon.

Thanks also to Giannina.I'll for sure visit the other site.

Kisses to all of You........and write write write! :wink:

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