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Looking for archived Boston Ballet programmes

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I have been trying to find information about a staging at the Boston Ballet and have been unable to find where old programmes are archived. I am only looking for the premiere performance cast/credits for one ballet (Jerome Robbins' "Interplay" - February 26, 2001, Wang Center, Boston.) I have been in contact with the company, but they don't seem to have a programme for that performance. Thanks to anyone who can help! (Victor5678@aol.com)

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have you tried to get this information from the robbins' trust? maybe the records there kept programs, or perhaps the ballet master of the INTERPLAY staging kept some records or actual programs.

does boston ballet have a web-site and/or message board. maybe someone still on staff has a lead.

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Newspaper accounts say:

(Boston Herald) Set to Morton Gould's "American Concertette," "Interplay" is formally structured, using four men and four women on an almost equal basis. Vaulting across the stage Mikhail Ilyin rallies the group into action. In a cleanly defined and robustly danced solo, Jose Martin struts his stuff before merging into the group. There is a discreet duet by Pollyana Ribeiro and Christopher Budzynski, and the piece ends with the dancers competing in a contest of trick moves.

In another Herald review:

"Resembling a new box of fresh crayons in Santo Loquasto's costumes, the dancers gave an exceedingly articulate and musical performance of Jerome Robbins' 1945 "Interplay," a tricky yet lighthearted piece set to Morton Gould's jazzy "American Concertette" for piano and orchestra. Jose Martin delivered impressive and confident sets of leaping turns in the second movement, "Horse Play," and it was impossible not to feel entirely invigorated by the dancers' enthralling competitive displays in the final movement, "Team Play."

Mikhail Ilyin also was singled out for his performance in Interplay. Zack Grubbs, Sarah Lamb, and Lyn Tally also seem to be in the cast.

Another paper says it was staged by Judith Fugate.

According to the papers, the ballet was performed during a controversal time: "the company ousted artistic director Anna-Marie Holmes, but allowed her to remain until the end of this season. In her place, the board chose Maina Gielgud....Then, in a startling announcement, Gielgud and the company parted ways, after a dispute over the budget; charges and counter-charges flew.)" Maybe Fugate or Holmes remembers the credits.

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Thanks for the info. I always appreciate how much the members here are so knowledgable!

I'll check through my old programs. It could take a week or so, I have to search my storage room, affectionately (or not) known as the "black hole". If I find anything, I will certainly let you know. Have you tried Playbill or the Wang Center's archives? I was a BB subscriber then, (who happened to work one block from the Wang) and definately remember the controversy at BB with Holmes, Gielgud etc.etc.etc. If you can get access to any of the local college libraries, they often have better research methods, souces, and ILL's to access info (such as articles, cast bios etc.) Hope this helps a little.

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