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minor ballet composers

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a friend has just pointed out this book to me from DANCEBOOKS - i was previously unaware of it and it's now 10 yrs. old.

fyi - and i trust all those on BT who appreciate the ballet composers included in the book won't be overly offended by the use of 'minor' in describing them.

if this has already been noted here feel free to delete this post.

Minor ballet composers: biographical sketches.

Author: Schueneman, Bruce & William E Studwell

Published: 1997

Brief biographies of sixty-six 'underappreciated yet significant contributors to the body of western ballet music', together with short descriptions of the plots of their ballets, and a glossary of some of the choreographers who used their music.

The composers are mostly selected from those working in the 20th century, and include Arnell, Asafiev, Auric, Berners, Constant, Damase, d'Erlanger, Egk, Feldman, Gade, Gordon, Henze, Lambert, Lumbye, Minkus, Oldham, Riisager, Stolze, Tailleferre, Toye, etc.

Hardback [5075-HB] £ 19.99

this can be found on the following link:


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