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Shostakovich's The Bolt [1931]

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Does anyone know where there is either a detailed description in English of the original production The Bolt by Shostakovich or a translation of the libretto by Viktor Smirnov?

My copy of Bolt includes a nice booklet, with color photographs, the Smirnov libretto, and a lengthy (5 pages) report on the history of the ballet (by Simon Morrison), in French, English, and German. For anyone curious about Ratmansky's interest in Shostakovich, this is worth getting. I can't imagine it will ever be shown in North America, but it tells us a lot about the arts in the Soviet Union.


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There are many video records of interviews with Ratmansky, the stage set designer, the music conductor, E. Smirnova & V. Smirnov, on my Bolt DVD. A Lot of detailed information about the ballet story, its background, ideas to choreograph and set-design, music analysis of Bolt. All video clips are with English/French subtitles.


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