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There are two versions of "Jardin aux Lilas" by Antony Tudor and both with the ABT: the one that was broadcasted in 1990 by pbs in Dance in America, under the title "A Tudor Evening", and the one that is on a commercial DVD, "American Ballet Theatre in San Francisco". I believe there is a third one with the Paris Opera Ballet.

The version that was aired in 1990 is my favorite. It was filmed or taped in a studio with the most beautiful settings by Zack Brown that remarkably blends with the choreography, the music and the costumes. The soloiste were Leslie Browne, Martine van Hamel, Ricardo Bustamante and Michael Owen.

Is there any commercial recording of this performance?

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as with so many DANCE IN AMERICA programs telecast on PBS this Tudor one has not been released commercially.

as you'll find reading 'around' BT there are innumerable Dance In America programs that have been shown only in their time, or on occasion in late date repeats, but few have been made commercially available.

cries of frustration and worse have been voiced over and over about this sad truth on this site.

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