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David Michalek Interview on RANTING DETAILS.

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Thanks for that, Matt.

Watching the films, understanding that there were 43 dancers who related to their space (as you indicated) in very different ways, the intricate technical and operational logistics -- rather overwhelming.

I saw the preview of this at the Guggenheim's Works & Process this past spring and have made two forays (so far) to the plaza. The happenstance of juxtapositions can be both fascinating, as when the two dancers on the outer screen both hit a reverence towards the Beaumont (or was it Juilliard?) at the same moment -- or frustrating, as when the three dancers on screen were Judith Jamison, Allegra Kent and Dwana Smallwood. I couldn't keep my eyes off any of them and felt, when those segments were over, that I'd missed all three. It's a problem with all of them, but especially acute with this trio.

I'm going back hoping to see them each again, under slightly less distracting conditions. There are some other dancers I'm missed whom I'd like to see. I saw Herman Cornejo's mind-bogglingly perfect piece at the Guggenheim :):jawdrop: (bet he didn't have many misgivings watching the playback!) but not in this run. Also want to catch Isabelle Guerin's prayer-like offering again.

I add my voice to yours, recommending that all who can make an effort to catch it.

More info here and here.

Has anyone else seen it? What were your impressions?

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Thank you for posting this! Am actually travelling to NYC on the 29th, so if I'm lucky will be able to catch this before it's too late.

By the way, I enjoy "Ranting Details" very much! I can only aspire to be such a talented writer!!

All the best,


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