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New Romantics

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New Romantics

Melbourne, Saturday 30 June 2007

Apollo Everything we love about Balanchine (beautiful shapes, visual images) and everything we don't really like about Balanchine (ugly shapes, movements styled for a particular body type).

Constant Variants Quite clever especially the lighting and the combinations and recombinations of dancers.

After the Rain© The second half of this I had tears running down my face. So beautifully controlled that it was languid and limpid, the music (Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spiegel) was so simple, and the combination had me weeping. Haven't cried at ballet since Miyako Yoshida's guest appearance as Madame Butterfly. I bought a Pärt CD after the performance and re-listened to the music again, and it had the tears flowing again. I'll write something "proper" when I get my thoughts organised!

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