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The Three Musketeers ballet

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I am doing a research paper for one of my college courses, and I have been trying to find how many productions of The Three Musketeers there are. I know of Andre Pokovsky and of David Nixon, but if anyone knows of any other productions: where, when, and who choreographed and danced in it. I would really appreciate any information that I could use for my paper. Thanks.

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Terribly sorry, dirtypinkribbons, but this is a discussion board, not a research service. This is especially true for members who have not yet participated in the discussions.

BT is not to be used as a source, even though we have some very erudite members.

I'm closing this topic, but I hope you'll join some of our ongoing discussions.

Oh, and btw, I love your screen name! :thumbsup:

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