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Bayana and Angara River

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These two dances are on the Stars of the Russian Ballet compilation. Does anyone know the plot of these ballets?

Stars of the Russian Ballet

Volume two, chapter three

"BAYANA" / 1984 year shooting / - 5'45". Music: Vila-Lobos / Choreography: L.Lebedeva NATALIA BOLSHAKOVA and VADIM GULYAEV

Volume two, chapter four

6. "ANGARA RIVER" / 1979 year shooting / - 3'52" Music: A.Ashpay / Choreography: Y.Grigorovitch /1976/ LYUDMILA SEMENYAKA and BORIS AKIMOV

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I found this about Angara River:

"The Angara" is a poetic story about the life of young workers building a giant electric power station on the river Angara in Siberia. It's one the few ballets of artistic value devoted to modern life.
The full article is about the composer Andre Eshpai.
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And if I'm any judge of transliteration from Roman letters to Cyrillic and then back again, I'll bet "Bayana" is Heitor Villa-Lobos "Bachianas Brasilieras". If length is any indicator, then this could be #5, which has been used by several choreographers.

Thanks so much Scherzo for the article. And Mel, you are right -- the music is the Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras #5!

I will keep digging though, perhaps Bayana is based on a legend. If anyone is interested the clip is on youtube now.

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