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Hi! Greetings from the Philippines! :)


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Hi everyone! :) I'm Mariel from the Philippines. I miss dancing so bad! I started dancing classical ballet when i was 9 yrs old. I did some cheerleading, modern ballet and remained classical ballet in my high school years. I focused on pure Modern Jazz Dance training in my 4 yrs in College. I am now in my 5th yr since this June 2007 and I temporarily stopped dancing since the end of May 07 because I am having a baby. :) I'm really excited about the baby but then I sooo0 miss dancing. It's been a month since I stopped dancing. When the baby comes out on November/December, I will surely get back to dancing right away. I'm planning to go back to my ballet training but I'm really into modern ballet /jazz dances. I'm still confused. I've got months to decide though. After College I'm planning to get a post-grad course in dancing. Anyways, see you around the forums! :) It's great to be here :thumbsup:

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Hi, mariel.

I miss dancing, too! I had to stop many years ago due to injury. At least you can go back -- if you can find the time once you're a mother. That's very exciting -- awaiting the arrival of a baby.

This site is for the watchers of ballet. You can read up on performances and dancers, the backgrounds of various ballets, news around the ballet world. We have a sister site for dancers of all ages and all levels which may interest you. The link to BalletTalk for Dancers is at the top, right-hand corner of the page, on the blue banner. Give it a look. I'm sure you'll find it very interesting. If you want to join, you'll have to register separately, and we ask members of both boards to keep the same screen name, if possible.

Welcome to BalletTalk!

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