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Student rush tickets

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Does anyone know what the policy regarding student tickets? Do they even sell student tickets?

You have to go to the box office the day of the performance to see if they are available. Try to go early; I think they open at 10am. Student rush tickets are $25 on weekday performances and $35 on weekends. It's been difficult this season to get decent rush tickets since they seem to be selling unusually well. If only they could make it easier by showing rush availability online and allowing online orders like the company across the plaza. :)

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Thanks, OF. I wasn't sure, as I am many years past eligibility.

If there are no rush tickets, gracey, go for standing room. It's actually cheaper ($24 during the week, $27 on weekends). You won't sit through the first act, or likely the whole ballet, but as long as your shoes don't pinch, it's not bad. :)

I would advise against accepting any number higher than 40 if you choose orchestra section (which will put you behind someone). My choice location is the Dress Circle. Grand Tier is also available. All levels the same price, which is also the price of a Family Circle seat.

All of the above is about the Met. City Center has no standing room, and the student rush policy may be different. You should check with the theater. http://www.nycitycenter.org/

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It is best to call the box office at 10am when it opens. They can tell you whether or not they are offering student rush tickets for that day, so then you don't have to run down to the box office in person. Also, the tickets are supposed to be $35 dollars on Friday and Saturday, but they recently charged me only $25 dollars for a Saturday night performance. I'm not sure if this is a change in policy or if it was just a slip-up.

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