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NYCB 2007-08 Winter season

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NYCB.com has a "Look Ahead to the 2007-2008 Winter Season." :

It may sound odd sitting in the heat of summer to say that the start of the 2007-2008 New York City Ballet winter season is slightly less than five months away; but it is true and preparations are well underway to make it a splendid time filled with dance. Subscribers know that having one or more subscriptions is the absolute best way to ensure that they see the best that the Company has to offer. The winter season will feature 40 repertory ballets presented in 10 diverting programs--from Apollo to Zakouski it's all here as well as three startling different full-length ballets, two world premiere ballets, and one unique, celebratory send-off. Many new theme series will be available this year. There is something for everyone and the perfect program is just waiting for you. Winter Season subscription details will be available online on July 30. You may order new subscription series or renew your favorites online if you wish starting July 30. Opening Night will be November 20, 2007. Repertory programming returns to the stage on Wednesday, January 2 for eight stunning weeks. Make this a winter to remember by being with NYCB often this winter season.
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Hmmm ... I missed this while I was out of town. OK, I'll bite:

Three “startlingly different” full-length ballets? There aren’t that many in the rep to choose from to begin with and I would be hard pressed to find three I could characterize as “startlingly different,” either from each other or from “full length” ballets (whatever that means) in general. Let’s see: Coppelia, Don Q, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nutcracker, R+J, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake ... that’s about it unless you throw in Harliquinade and Jewels ... Are they counting Nutcracker? Could one of the premieres be another full-lenghth ballet? (But wouldn't that get a special mention?)

“ ... and one unique, celebratory send-off” – any guesses? Hübbe? Kistler? A gang retirement? (The list of dancers who might be toying with the idea of moving on is long and distinguished.)

“ ... two world premiere ballets” – OK, there will be the inevitable Martins effort, but what’s the other? Ratmansky? Evans? (The Nightingale and the Rose was Wheeldon’s last for NYCB, right?)

And "many new theme series" -- Well, I've already proposed "For the Birds" (The Nightingale and the Rose, Firebird, and Balanchine's Swan Lake). How about "Simply Schoenberg!" (Schoenberg Variations, Schoenberg/Wuorinen Variations, and Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet)

An aside: WHO writes their copy? It reads like the mindless brochures for destination wedding venues. "A splendid time filled with dance" -- well, what else would a ballet company's winter season be filled with? "10 diverting programs" -- as opposed to, you know, the bore-you-out-of-your-skull tedious programs that a major performing arts organization might otherwise put on for a paying audience. (Or, is that 10 programs that will divert patrons to the other side of the plaza?) OK - this blurb isn't as bad as the the descriptions of last year's theme programs (the encomium for Episodes read like a sophomore's attempt at Jacques Derrida ...) But still.

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I seem to remember something about Martins doing a full length ballet to something composed by Bright Sheng in 2008.

Ooh noooo .. say it isn't so!!!

I suppose the Martins/Sheng combination is inevitable, considering Sheng is the Composer-in-Residence but this is not something to look forward to in one act much less three .. or two longies.

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NYCB.com has a "Look Ahead to the 2007-2008 Winter Season." :
and one unique, celebratory send-off.

Oh Lord, the possibilities: Hubbe (that would probably be what they are referring to...) N. Martins (well, not so celebratory) or Kistler (words fail me).

Kathleen O'Connell is right on the money about the coy copy. Lord Save Us!

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"Unique. celebratory send-off" seems an odd way to phrase a retirement. So perhaps they are celebrating Hubbe's new job as AD of RDB. Maybe they will bring back Bournonville Divertissments to repetory to help say goodbye and good luck?

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