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POB in Sydney - Swan Lake

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Just wondering if anyone else saw the POB "Swan Lake" in Sydney last week. If so - any thoughts?

Yes, I saw Aurelie Dupont and Manuel Legris. They were sublime, especially in the last act. Technically I think Dupont was a bit off (balances a bit wobbly etc.) but her interpretation was so moving and so simple. She really pared the role down to its essence, there was something so moving and perfect about her last act that it brought tears to the eyes. Can't really describe it properly but trust me, it was wonderful! I love the way she dances because it's not all about flashy technique and legs sky high, there's a lovely quality to her dancing that speaks of true artistry.

I thought the production as a whole was execellent. I liked the psychological interpretation that Nureyev gave it, although not sure if the rest of the audience did. Applause was pretty muted until the end when the dancers got a standing ovation. The corps were great as well, lovely swans all in sync with each other.

Also saw Jewels a couple of times which I loved. Jose Martinez brought the house down in Diamonds with his turns that seemed to go on forever. I didn't think much of Delphine Moussin in Ruby but Jeremie Belingard was full of vigour as her partner. Stephanie Romberg was also a standout in Emeralds.

It was great to see the POB in sydney! I wish we got more companies out here but i guess it's just too far to come.

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