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Hi all.

New to the forum and first I will introduce myself.

I am a retired American choreographer now living in Spain. Trained at the American School MANY years ago! But have never lost my love for dance.

I am trying to find a video of the 1932 ballet "The Green Table" by Kurt Jooss. I am not sure if one was ever made but know the ballet has been performed by the ABT and Joffrey.

If anyone could give me a steer in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi afteryouwho and welcome to BalletTalk forum, I'm Spanish and living in Barcelona :lightbulb:

This video exists for sure as I have seen the ballet, by the Joffrey, on TV (not sure if Canal Clásico or the French Mezzo). If I find where you can get it I'll let you know :FIREdevil:

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Thanks so much for the replies. If you can come up with a link, I would surely appreciate it.

Especially Carolina since you are so close!

Mme. Hermine: I am willing to buy it, of course. Apparently the TV stations have it but do not release it due to pressure from the daughter.

Thanks again.

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Thanks, Treefrog. Even in the form of abridged highlights, this is a powerful ballet. And it was good to see Presages and the Nijinsky Sacre du Printemps -- and to remember how brilliantly the Joffrey revived these classics when the company was in New York.

:smilie_mondieu: The Joffrey is touring to our city next season with -- a program called "Cool Vibrations," set to the music of The Beach Boys, Motown, and Prince. Their rep seems to embrace both the sublime and the ridiculous. For touring purposes, they have apparently elected to leave the sublime at home! :FIREdevil:

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You're welcome.

Bart, I know just how you feel. I suppose the contemporary stuff sells, but I certainly prefer what you call 'the sublime'. For that, you have to catch the company's winter program here in Chicago. In the upcoming season, it will be a Tudor centennial celebration with Jardin aux Lilas, Dark Elegies,and Offenbach in the Underworld.

The company has settled into a predictable routine: a full-length story ballet in the fall (coming up, Giselle), Nutcracker in November/December, revivals in winter, and comtemporary in spring (pieces by Tharp, Taylor, and Mehmet Sanders). They seem to drag that spring program on tour a lot, and also reprise it here at Ravinia and in free programs at Millenium Park.

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Thanks, Treefrog. Even in the form of abridged highlights, this is a powerful ballet.

Thanks again, it's a beautiful clip and I was again reminded of what a powerful work it is. When I saw it last season at ABT I was critical---and thought the ballet had run its course. At the time it appeared ineffectual and the group scenes had lost its pungency. But that clip was the Joffrey I remembered.

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