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Final Kyra Nichols performance ticket

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Actually, it's for a pair. A mere $255 for a $15 seat.

I have one (1) extra ticket in 4th R., Row D, off-center but full view. I bought it as insurance, but that seems unnecessary. PM me (who is not likely to ever be rich) if you're interested in my face-value offer.

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Regarding the ebay auction, I wonder if the buyer even noticed that the seats were in the Fourth Ring? The auction listing does mention "4th R." in the Item Specifics section but in the detailed description, it indicates "These tickets are FIRST ROW of CENTER SECTION, CENTER SEATS on the AISLE".

When I first read that, I thought it meant Orchestra and only later noticed they were Fourth Ring seats.

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Doesn't policy say that a ticket cannot be sold for more than 10% of the original price? I know since it's up for auction and people are bidding on it, the rules are a bit different...but still seems odd to me that someone would be willing to pay that much. I wonder if the seller will be donating the money back to NYCB.

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