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Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

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In Montreal's Place des Arts, at the Salle Maisonneuve, right above the entrance stairs, you may now admire the beautiful tapestry "dernier déjeuner sur l'herbe" made by Canadian hand weaver Louise Lemieux-Bérubé based on a photo taken during a ballet by Fernand Nault, I believe, in 1965 (hope I'm correct); unfortunately, the 14 male dancers from the GBCM are not identified. Here is a link to a photo of the tapestry:


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Actually this picture remind me the last supper from leonardo Da vinci :


It is about the same diposition in group of three and the looks are pretty much the same (turn in the middle). Take a deeper look at the arms positions, they really looks alike.

Wow! The composition -- except for the difference between standing and sitting -- IS quite similar! Your comparison made me focus much more on the central figure in the tapestry than I had before. I had also missed the implications of that word "Dernier" in the title -- and the wit of combining two very different sets of allusions: to the Last Supper and to the Manet painting.


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Mirielle mentioned earlier that she didn't know who the dancers were in the picture. The central figure ("Christ") is Vincent Warren. Vincent is American. He immigrated to Canada in the early Sixties and danced as a principal dancer with Les Grands until 1979. Since then, he has taught at the company's school and for many years, until his retirement this year, was the curator of La Bibliotheque de la danse, one of the best dance collections in Canada.

Thanks Mirielle for sharing such a wonderful picture!

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