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Where is Lena Voronzova (from movie Children from Theatre street) ?

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Hello ! Does anybody have information about Lena Voronzova ? Where is she now ? She was the graduate student in the ballet movie "Children from Theatre street", and in the movie it was told that she was accepted to Mariinsky (/Kirov) theatre. But I found completely nothing about her on www ! :devil: There was information about the other dancers from the same movie - Angelina Armeiskaya and Michaela Cerna, but not a word about Lena, except her name listed in the movie anotation. Thanks in advance for any information !

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I think Vorontsova is currently coaching at the Mariinsky. There is a small scene from a rehearsal in which she is coaching in "The Sacred Stage."

Elena Vorontsova is listed as "Serezha's Nanny" in Mariinsky's Anna Karenina (July 2011), and via binoculars, she did resemble that girl from a movie.

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