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Orlando Ballet performs Swan Lake

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I want to give a huge BRAVO to Orlando Ballet for a wonderful season ending performance of Swan Lake. It was well received from the Central Florida area with standing ovations nightly. This was a truly quality performance from the staging, to the lighting, all the way down to the corps, which involved many of their trainees. Diane Hubbard with the Orlando Sentinel gave a great review of the performances. After these highly acclaimed performances, Orlando Ballet showed that they are truly a quality company and school.


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Welcome, robinmc, and thanks for your post. Many of us knew Fernando Bujones as a dancer, and Bruce Marks, soo. We have also followed some of the stellar young dancers produced by the Orlando school. But we don't get much input on BT from Orlando fans.

For those not familiar with Orlando Ballet's ambitious programming, here's a Llink: Orlando Ballet I noticed that they have scheduled 6 performances of SL in Orlando and another 3 in Tampa.

I was intrigued to see Spartacus also on the 2006-2007 schedule, choregraphed by Bujones. And a lovely-sounding program combining Balanchine's Allegro Brillante with an un-attributed Midsummer Night's Dream.

I hope you -- and others, too -- will tell us more about this Swan Lake or the earlier programs for 2006-07.

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Swan Lake was a bitter sweet performances for the Central Florida area in that it was Caitlin Valentine's last performance. She is an amazing dancer and left everyone's jaw opened in "AH", both in artistry and technique, as well as multiple graditute from the audience. I personally am sad to see her and Chris Ellis go to Colorado Ballet next season, they are getting a "gem".

All of the Swan Lake performances were great with each cast bringing something different to the table, all were received with warmth and appreciation. The whole cast was outstanding not a dry eye in the venue, with the mix of trainees among company, it makes you wonder which is which. This means wonderful direction from our Trainee program to intermix and no one can tell the difference.

Next year Orlando Ballet has another full slate with the addition of Orlando Ballet II and with a great season planned. They will perform in Tampa bringing four ballets along with the five ballets slotted for in Orlando.

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