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I'm going to see Nina!

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My hubby just scored major points....he told me this evening that my Mother's Day gift is to be a trip to NY to see Nina Ananiashvili in La Bayadere!! :):jawdrop: He travels often and saw her several years ago at the Bolshoi while on a business trip. My 17 year old daughter and I have loved her for years, having only seen her on tapes/DVDs. When he found out she would be dancing again with ABT this year, he used his frequent flyer miles to book a flight and purchased La Bayadere tickets for our daughter and me! Wow...the only thing I mentioned I might want for Mother's Day was a new pillow and a "Swivel Sweeper"! :lol:

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What a great husband!

Nina might want to say that of her husband. Not only did he buy back most of her famlily's Royal land (documented in an interview which is probably still on her site), but is also sort of a hero, as he was one of the negotiators of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT).

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Nina is dancing at Jacob's Pillow , 6/20-6/24

Brice, if you check out the thread on the 2007 and 2008 tours of the Georgian company Nina runs, you'll find that she's dancing Giselle the week before in New Haven as well. The 2008 tour is getting announced one city at a time (it seems to be starting out west, with two midwest locations already announced as well).


And, welcome to BT!

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DRB thanks for the additional info. My daughter is dancing Mozartiana with Nina at Jacob's Pillow....

Look at THAT... Nina's SWAN LAKE is SOLD OUT - 27days in advance of the event... only family circle is still available.... (And it's only HER performance that is so solidly sold out!!! WOW.... i will sure then go get a standing ticket - to see her swan arms/wings ;-))


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