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7x7: Shakespeare

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I attended the Sunday May 6 matinee. Naturally, I liked some of the pieces more than others, but that's half the fun with this kind of program. In keeping with the Shakespeare theme, we got three Romeo and Juliets, two Hamlets, one Midsummer Night's Dream, and one Titus Andronicus(!) The choreography was uneven, and the energy level this fine Sunday afternoon was perhaps a bit lower than we've come to expect. As always, though, it was a pleasure to see these fine dancers up close, including some very exciting Studio Company and newer WB Company members: Diana Albrecht as Juliet in The Sorrow of Lady C, Jade Payette in deCapulet, Zachary Hackstock in Lovers Speak and Whispers.

My favorite piece of the seven was Karole Armitage's "Gathering His Thoughts," choreographed for four Men In Black to an electronically sliced-and-diced recording of Richard Burton performing Hamlet's soliloquy. Jared Nelson was pure dynamite as Hamlet, supported very ably by Chip Coleman, Runqiao Du, and Aaron Jackson as personifications of Hamlet's thoughts. This one is a keeper! As for the rest, there's enough variety in the program that just about everybody is sure to find something they like.

Links to Washington Post and Washington Times reviews can be found in the Ballet Talk News post for May 5.

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