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Morris Mozart PBS

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Thanks, drb.

Direct link to live event details: http://www.lincolncenter.org/show_events_l...eventcode=14559

Just ordered my tix. Remember that subscribers have already had time to submit mail orders. Better selection is available on the weekends. Subscribers tend to go for orchestra or First Ring, so I found excellent dead center Second Ring for opening night and perfect Second Ring Row A dead center for the weekend. If you haven't seen this, it is extremely likely you'll want to see it more than once.

Mostly Mozart sales rules require at least two purchases unless you wait 'til sometime in June, when single event purchases apply. So you might wish to check out other offerings, if you do not want two or more Morris perfs. If you love choral music you may be glad you did. For example, Faure Requiem + Rachmaninoff Liturgical music in the best accousitics section of Avery Fisher Hall (First Tier second row center) for just $55! Also the Wolfgang Requiem...

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